Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Who was he?

I dont have a clue who he was but I think he have been six or seven years old.....

One of the millions born and bred on the roads of India. We would not have noticed him had he not sitting in the middle of the road, scribbling in the dirt. After all it is such an inconvenience to see a six year old sitting in your way and imagine irritating it is to brake suddenly and swerve. Braking and swerving I am told, increases petrol consumption and with crude at over $140, the boy deserved the irritated and angry glances he was getting.

Why adoes a child of six have to sit in the middle of the road and scribble in the dirt oblivious of the heavy traffic around him? It it not an indicator of disturbed behaviour? Dont you think that such disturbed behaviour, such deviations at that age would have resulted from immensely traumatic experiences? Do you think he is victim of abuse, maybe a witness to daily episodes of drunken orgies of domestic violence? Dont you think his silence was screaming out for help?

Dont you think I should have stopped and tried to help?

Of course, what could I have done to help......... In retrospect, I think even taking him to a safer location would have been enough.I am sure there are many others who wanted to help but for some reason, they could not stop and help. Just like me.What does it say about us, our people, our society? What does it say about India as a country? When did we become so insensitive?

Why dont educated people in India who can and should make a difference not care anymore?

I want all of you to reflect and look for answers.......... your own answers.

I shall post my views later.


ankita said...

Moving with the crowd seems to be the safest bet....a bet wherein you can hide among people. Now the question arises as to what would we like to hide???
its simple...lack of initiative, lack of motivation, lack of time, and most importantly...lack of 'concern'. the word 'concern' might hit us hard, for we Indians are believed to be the most sentimental of all....All i have to say then is..."i doubt"!

Ashish Pillai said...

Isn't it strange Ankita, that most of us value our "individuality" so much, would love to respected, appreciated and applauded, yet would like all that to happen as you point out "hiding among people"???

For example, just see how difficult your classmates find to just raise their hands to ask or answer a question!!

But the question still stands "WHY?"

sam d said...

sir..thats the agony of our country..we keep ion raising the hoopla that we r the most helpful n sentimental people but the realty is otherwise..we have 3 Indians in the list of top ten richest people of the world n we r one of the poorest country of the world..the realty is we dont care abt anybody..thts the way we r...

Gurinder Kaur said...

We do care...otherwise Sir you would not have taken d efforts to write it down here...and all those who commented would not have cared to answer as well...the fact lies in taking the stop asking who will come forward to help and rather be the first one to do so..has anyone of you experienced this are trying to help a lost one and two more people also come forward to help you...and then three more... :)
And now I can answer how many Indians like to take the lead...may be 1 in 10....or in 100

jagdeep said...

we do care or we dont is a secondary matter.... the priority is are clear enuogh what we want to do ???.... the clarity of thought and the decisiveness are the some important traits which should guide our day to day life... i wrote should cos i think till now it is only "may or may not" kind of thing which isnt letting us do what we want to doin actual place..... so we miss on that ONE OPPORTUNITY that we get to set everything write..... as Pillai sir said, most of us value our "individuality" so much, would love to respected, appreciated and applauded, yet would like all that to happen as you point out "hiding among people"???...... this is cos we dont ourselves know what we want to do.... we get pampered cos we like it, but we dont know WHY we want this pampering, it stimulates our egos..... but we should need this to stimulate our MIND and to clear our thought process !!!!!

Jagdeep SIngh