Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Traffic Lights and Character

I never skip a red light, at least I try my level best not to. I never break lanes, never honk impatiently when the light turns green and am I am proud of myself for all these.

What you do at red lights is a good indicator of your character. I have observed the following distinct behaviour traits and I am going to bore you with my interpretations of them:


Stop When Light is Red, Look Around, if No Cop, Jump Light

These are people I call “Conditional Braves”. Their immature bravado is dependent on whether a cop on duty is standing anywhere near the lights or not. Such behaviour is often displayed by people who are the lucky minority in India who have had access to education, food and the comfort of family. In fact, I consider that this simple behaviour is an indicator of the kind of malaise that afflicts the Indian society. A total disregard for law and a cowardice one should be ashamed of. Of course, many of the people I talk of so disparagingly ma have had a very genuine and pressing appointment to justify such stupid behaviour, but I guess we know better!!


Don’t Stop, Even if Light is Red

Such behaviour may be because of simple uncomplicated stupidity, but sometimes there are individuals who assume the right to do so because their unfortunate parent holds some office of power or maybe has access to people holding such offices. Usually such vehicles are large, luxurious and the drivers behind the wheel are young and restless. We as a nation have no right to call ourselves civilized till such morons drive around.


Stop. But Make Your Way Forward and Stand in the Wrong Lane Obstructing the Coming Traffic

The most irritating kind of idiots seen on roads. My hypothesis is that such people are so brain-dead that they simply do not have the means to anticipate the problems they might be causing for others. There even are some who will maintain a stoic, self righteous expression and get enraged when some simpleton coming from the opposite side and finding himself stuck tries to communicate in a slightly miffed manner.


Stop. Only if Someone Already Has, The Look Around, If No Cop, Look Questioningly at Others and Speed Of

The questioning look in such cases usually asks, What is wrong dude??? See some cop somewhere??? NO??? Then Why The Hell Are You Obeying he Rules?? These are a variation of the spineless jerks I have detailed about earlier, but slightly more repulsive.


Stop. But the Moment Light Goes Green, Honk Like There is No Tomorrow

Even if you are standing way behind and even when you know that every one is going to move, when the can, some honk. My question to such idiots, do you think that the guy in front is planning to settle down, build a home, and raise a family here??? Is the honking making things go any better or faster??


I can go on and describe many more….. the point I am trying to make is pretty simple.......     

The respect for law, civil and civic sense, courtesy and considerate behaviour is what differentiates the human race from the wild and uncivilized.

If any of my students finds himself in any of the categories discussed above, please forgive my use of expletives but do consider the message carefully.


Satindra said...

That is so true and incisive.
Loved it.

ankita said...

not character desriptions here, just something.
1. Lucky ones: green lights for them always, no cops around, enough money in their wallets to buzz off unbranded, and...guts to bribe!huh!
2.you now know who the unlucky souls are...