Monday, October 13, 2008

Office Bullies and Angry Bosses!!

In most cases such unpalatable characters are emotionally weak individuals who lack courtesy. Office bullies or “tough” bosses who are given to chronic bouts of public display of anger are in fact cases of abnormal psychological orientation. This abnormality in most cases is a result of exposure to such similar emotional stimulus during the formative years of a human being.

In plain language; bullies and short tempered people are nut cases who lost it due to having had to be with some family member who was either very violent or exploitative.


The best way to handle them is to confront them and take them head on!!


Of course I am not asking you to “react”, I am asking you to “respond” in a calm, professional and confident manner. Never allow the designation or fear of losing a job or fear of reprisals stop you from standing up for yourself. You will be surprised to know that most such bullies bank on you not responding and hope that you will react in an in appropriate manner. But if your respond calmly and confront them with poise, they crumble fast!!

In the end remember, they are insecure, scared, weak people who are looking for support and unfortunately are looking to “command” help when they should have been asking for it. 

Pity Them.

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