Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Simple Lesson

Apologies for having stayed away for so long but I guess what matters is that I am back. As this is my first blog for the year, I guess I will make it the distilled extract of my learnings in 2008.

It does not last, nothing does.

I had a wonderful time last year and went through really tough times too. As it happened almost every year, neither did the good times last nor did the bad times!! Even after realizing that, I admit that the good times exhilarate me and the bad times scare me to death. But I guess my reactions are moderating and that is a good sign. The message for my students then would be: Focus on the present, take life as it comes, everybody goes through what you are going through, no big deal!!! OK???

Take it this way, you have been allocated a limited time that you call “life”. The only surety in life is that it is terminal. That would automatically mean that all of us irrespective of our socio economic status, our gender, our religion………. In fact whoever the hell we may be, we have a very limited time to live. Only a complete moron would spend even a single minute wallowing in regret, fear and self pity. On the other hand, if we claim to be intelligent and educated, we should be enjoying ourselves as much as we can……….

I don’t know about you guys, but I have made up my mind. I am going to have some fun……. Fun working, listening to music, reading, travelling…… Hell I am gonna have fun whatever I do! For I have realised that if I cannot be happy with myself, no one else ever will be!!


Upinder said...

hello sir...well i hope u do stick to your resolution...sir but what abt tht constant fear of future tht keeps us enervating all the time...cn one really escape frm regret sir.....cn u...???

Gagandeep Rana said...

Ah. Great to see you back in action Sir. Your thoughts were being missed.

I absolutely agree to all the thoughts expressed by you in this piece of writing, and I guess its these teachings from you that have helped me a lot in the past.

Thank You and waiting from more such stuff from your side Sir :)

Ashish Pillai said...

Ha!!! I missed your comment Upinder.... Can we escape from regret????!!??? I dont think so... But my point is that we try too hard to change so much that it seems that we really do not like what we see when we look inside ourselves.

I would like to attain a stage where I can accept myself the way I am. Like myself unconditionally and not be susceptible to insecurities. Reaching this stage would include me accepting all the decisions i have ever made and their consequences. The results may not have been what I expected but I must remember that I took the decision and at that time it looked like the best option.... Even though, even I do have some regrets, I would love to someday have none.