Thursday, March 18, 2010

Of Garlands and Democracy!!

Another garland of currencies for the leader! I wonder why we the citizens of this country are creating such a hue and cry over these visuals of one of our esteemed leaders being garlanded for more money than what could have fed at least hundreds of households for years?
The fact that politics is a heady mix of power, religion and a lot on money has been known to us and yet the civil society actually considers the unholy trinity a necessary evil. Somewhere, it seems, we as a collective society has learned to feign shock only at instances of overt display of that trinity. Even Lincoln would rethink his subscription to the concept of democracy if he were to see the implementation of the system. We make decisions on who to vote for on the basis of extremely skewed preferences for questionable characteristics and that weakness has been exploited by few into establishing a political system where the public which it is supposed to serve ends up bearing the cost of lugging an unproductive and often callous office bearers.
The garlands were not a symbol of corruption, they were a symbol of a failed system where few decide for many and many who were supposed to choose the few are left wondering what happened!

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