Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dancing the Issues Away!

Before going further I declare that I am not a bleeding heart Palestine supporter or some ranting Anti Semitic extremist. I believe that there is no solution to the middle east crisis except an Israel and an independent and prosperous Palestine.

So the issue today......Could there be anything to read into a video of an army unit on patrol breaking out into a jig.

Not at all if it is what the reports say, "breaking into a dance..... stopping a patrol...." and that too in the West Bank!!
Post Gaza and post "flotilla raid" Israeli army has been demonized throughout the world and it was obvious that the PR guys would have to think of something to highlight the human face of the Israeli Army officers soon. But I am surprised that such amateur gigs would be used to compensate for what they have been doing in Gaza. Of course..... Not that Hamas has done Gaza any favours but still, nothing could have justified most of the "offensives" by Israel.
But digressions apart I am fairly confident that this was a well orchestrated event and not at all the "spontaneous" eruption of joy as it is being peddled as. Those who have had even a remote association with army personnel of any country would tell you that the probablity of infantry units on patrol in conflict hotbeds breaking into such well orchestrated jigs is next to zero. Probably zero. And then the timing.... The report says that the video has gone "viral".... That is what it was supposed to do.

But why am I so worked up about it????
Even though the Israel-Palestine conflict is of no direct concern to me or any other average middle class Indian, we however (at least those who have an idea of the goings on over there) expect the state of Israel to take meaningful measures to at least try to set right the many wrongs that have been committed. No sovereign state can use the actions of any violent non state actor to justify state sponsored violations of human rights any where.

And Mr. Netanyahu if you would stick with this lame propaganda campaign, I offer my services. I assure you, I can do a better job than whoever came up with this!

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